Consultant Policies


  1. You’re not given any “legal right” to identify as a consultant if you’ve not registered on our “website” and have done the needful on our “E-book, failure to do so will make us assume “you’re not a consultant”.
  2. Consultation services are free, “Consultation Charges” are highly prohibited! Your payment comes after our consultant has paid for any our services! Failure to obey can lead to your “character defamation” and the company has all “legal rights” to do unto you, what pleases her.


N/B: You have no right to receive payment from our customers that do come to you for consultation! When you’re done with them by giving them satisfactory services, you now refer them to us for payment.

  1. We give 13% percent commission to our consultants, per job!
  2. You’re to tell our “customers” who have to come to you for consultation to make “mention of your name” before making payment, so you’ll be credited with your commission. Don’t blame us for not paying you if you don’t do so.
  3. You’re to personally send “a screenshot of your startup conversation with clients”, as proof that they came from you.
  4. We give 4% commission for any “job that comes from any consultant that came through you” (direct more consultants to us and gain as they bring customers too, even in your absence), you really can’t stop earning with us!!



  1. Must be ready to offer quality and acceptable consultancy services to potential clients, be polite, and patient to give them satisfactory answers (compulsory).
  2. Must have “effective English communication skills”.
  3. Must know how to “convert” customers
  4. Must be willing and passionate about “closing deals”.
  5. Must be a good “content creator”
  6. Be willing learn “digital marketing”