Run Advert Policies


  1. Never pay to any other account that’s not the company’s own, else such payments made will amount to nothing, beware of fraudsters! Watch accounts and fake sms that will tend to be quickweb which is not ours, so therefore call for proper confirmation or follow the rule.

  2. We are to be notified with all the Evidence of payments at Any time before we can embark on any project. We’ll need the following details;  package or packages paid for, time paid, depositors name, screenshots of debit alert, and picture of other payment receipt. We must be properly informed about any payment made via emails –  or  Call us @ 0704 952 4924, 0909 612 5868
    Note that your payment will amount to nothing and no job will be carried out if we don’t see what we listed above (we assume payments without the following evidence is to be called lies).
  3. Part payments are not allowed, you’re to pay in full and we have only two methods of payment  (i) online payment; Click Here  (ii) offline payment; Account Name: Quick Web Enterprise, Account Number: 1026083361, Bank Name: United Bank for Africa.
  4. The prices are fixed and not negotiable.
  5. Prices for foreign customers or jobs are not the same (because of exchange rates).
  6. This package includes Facebook & Instagram adverts alone. Our advert packages are powerful and can drastically boost your sales.
  7. You’ll make us an “admin or editor” in your business Facebook & Instagram account so we can have access to your social media account and be able to run sponsored adverts on your post once you make any.
  8. Our advert packages has nothing to do with social media management (that’s a different deal which can be negotiated when you contact us).